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New solar panels are a great way to improve the energy efficiency of properties and lower running costs. At Powered Electrical we manage cost-effective solar panel installations to enhance commercial and domestic buildings in Bristol and the surrounding areas. We can fit monocrystalline solar panels with full electrical wiring installation on semi-detached homes, detached properties, barn conversions and new builds.

Our electricians are happy for prospective customers to call us and answer any questions about the solar panels we install. We can also discuss our EV charging installations and the other electrical services our company offers to improve and fix all types of properties.

Monocrystalline Solar Panels

Monocrystalline solar panels are made from an extremely pure form of silicon, which makes them the most efficient material when it comes to converting sunlight into energy. They are the most popular option on the market and are the most efficient type of solar panel, offering ratings between 15% and 25%. These solar panels provide better power output per panel, meaning clients need fewer panels to run their homes.

While monocrystalline solar panel installations tend to be a more expensive option, clients are guaranteed good levels of efficiency in all weather conditions, so they are completely dependable. These solar panels are also space-efficient, taking up the least space of any type of solar panel available.

Installing New Solar Panels

Powered Electrical manages all aspects of solar panel installations. We can assess properties to see if they are suitable for solar panels, establish the amount of power clients require and discuss what is achievable within their budgets. Our electricians offer a choice of batteries, all of which we will advise on, and we can work out the necessary system voltage.
The full installation service our team manages covers the following:
We are happy to answer any questions to help customers make the most of their homes in Bristol or any of the surrounding areas.
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For trusted electricians managing solar panel installations in Bristol and the surrounding areas, please call Powered Electrical on 07768 648023.