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The key feature required with the purchase of an electric vehicle is a charging point. EV charging points are available for communal use at some petrol stations, and there are dedicated on-street chargers. The easiest way to charge electric cars is with an at-home or business charging point. At Powered Electrical Contractors Ltd, we manage seamless EV charging installations for customers in Bristol and the surrounding areas. Our company fits Mode 3 domestic and commercial, single-phase and 3-phase SMART charge points.

Our electricians are available to answer any questions about our EV charger installations. We can also discuss our full rewires, commercial, industrial and domestic electrical work and the other energy-efficient electrical services we offer.

Why Install EV Charge Points?

Installing a dedicated EV charge point at home enables customers to charge their cars quicker and more efficiently. Professionally installed charge points reduce potential hazards, such as overloading or overheating the circuit or even the mains supply cable.

EV charging installations may not be the most attractive feature especially if it’s poorly executed. We offer a wide selection of high-quality charge points that not only look great, but they’re also easy to use. Our outstanding workmanship and attention to even the finest detail means our charge points are installed to meet the needs of each individual client.

Our EV Charger Installations

We’re able to install your charge point wherever you need it (regulations permitting). We specialise in all installations but especially in challenging installations. Whether it’s a simple installation on a driveway or the furthest end of the garden, we make it happen. We cover all aspects of the installation even if that means routing cables through the property, under floorboards and through rooms, to chasing pavements and re-cementing, or excavating gardens - we do it all. We provide a no-obligation quotation and professional advice to help you decide on the best option for your installation. We always try to deliver the best solution and will discuss each client’s unique requirements with them.
All of our electricians adhere to the BS7671 Wiring regulations. This means that all new charging installations must be individually protected by an RCD (Type A), an SPD (Type 2) and installed on a new dedicated circuit. It also means that the installation will be tested and certified to Part P by an approved NICEIC electrician, such as our professionals.
We’re approved by the Office For Zero Emission Vehicles (OZEV) to install charge points under various Government Grant Schemes, including the Workplace Scheme. Please contact us to discuss which grant might be suitable for you.

Benefits of SMART Charge Points

There are many benefits of installing SMART EV charging points, including:


One of the main benefits of SMART chargers is their ability to establish a wireless connection between a vehicle and a charging station. This is because of the software built into the charging station and how it works with an internet connection that allows clients to control their chargers remotely using a mobile app.

Optimising Sustainable Energy Usage

A common question for eco-friendly drivers is whether they can use the energy they generate through solar panels or wind turbines to charge their vehicles. SMART chargers help optimise locally generated electricity so clients can control where the energy they use to power their cars comes from.

Save on Electricity Costs

SMART EV charging installations are an investment, but numerous features allow customers in and around Bristol to achieve significant cost savings over the lifespan of their chargers. Savings can be made by managing energy consumption, charging at peak saving times and storing energy.
Charge Points we highly recommend and are accredited to install:
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